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With the current cost of living crisis in mind, I have decided to set my prices as follows:

60 minute
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6 x 60 minute
Coaching Sessions

12 x 60 minute
Coaching Sessions

The 6 week package can be paid in 10 monthly instalments of £42.50
The 12 week package can be paid in 3 monthly instalments of £285

The 6 and 12 week packages can also be done with a co-parent,both of you coming to sessions and learning together.

These prices remain the same whether or not you follow the structure of the Great Parenting Simplified 5 step program.

Prices are inclusive of VAT.
Group Sessions : price on application

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What is parent coaching?

The following definition can be helpful in understanding the role of a parent coach:
Parent coaching is useful for any parent, step-parent, or caregiver who needs support to navigate their child’s individual mental health and/or developmental needs. 
It can occur in-person or online, including one or both parents (separately or together). In some cases, the coach can connect parents with support groups or resources for longer term assistance.
In general, parent coaching carries an implicit larger goal of re-establishing positive family relationships achieved through the application of smaller goals like improving communication, providing education on child developmental psychology, improving self-reflection and self-care, fostering confidence and self-efficacy and developing solution-focused thinking.
Ultimately, coaching is about self-empowerment through self-awareness, self-management and increased self-efficacy. It is always a collaborative process with client and coach as equals and explicitly draws on the clients’ innate strengths and resources.
Parent coaching can be effective for parents of children at any age from 1-18.
See my ‘coaching’ page for more information about how I coach.

What is the difference between coaching and counselling or therapy?

Coaching is about change and action. The core purpose of coaching is to increase self-awareness, to make choices explicit, and to close the gap between potential and how things are currently. While counselling is reparative in nature, coaching has a developmental focus.
We look at how the ‘there and then’ may be impacting on the ‘here and now’, but coaching is not primarily focused on understanding the past or overcoming traumatic events.
When families are dealing with systemic issues it is important to also seek an appropriate therapeutic approach such as family systems therapy. Similarly, if couples are having issues navigating their marriage or parallel parenting, it is important that they seek a family mediator or couples counsellor depending on their goals.

My child has a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, will parent coaching still be suitable for me?

Parent Coaching will be invaluable if your child is neurodiverse. Depending on the diagnosis given to your child I will bring an informed approach to our coaching sessions. My coaching will be modified depending on your needs and the needs of the child/children.
I am trained to apply coaching techniques in an effective way based on the challenges parents are facing at the time.I hold experience working with and supporting families whose children have received a diagnosis. I will provide you with support in understanding your child’s communication, cognitive, sensory, and relationship needs.

Do you guarantee that parent coaching will make a difference and how many sessions should I have?

Parent Coaching has been invaluable for my clients however I cannot guarantee or promise the success of the coaching within a certain number of sessions or a specific time frame.
The level of support and number of sessions you will need is variable depending on several factors including, but not limited to:

  • The challenges you are facing
  • Coach and parent schedules and learning styles
  • Frequency/intensity of the challenges you are facing
  • The length of time you have been facing these challenges
  • Your ability to implement the steps we identify together that will help you

I want to see you succeed but change is a process so the more sessions you have the more likely your chances of achieving your goals. I will work to empower you with the skills you need to achieve your goals.
Obtaining regular client feedback is a very important part of coaching. Should you feel unhappy with the coaching for any reason I will work with you to try and address your concerns and if necessary, help you to find an alternative coach.
The need for client feedback and the complaint process is outlined further in the client contract that you will need to sign before our coaching journey begins.

How do you require payment to be made?

When you book a coaching session with me you will be sent an invoice for the session or block of sessions you have booked including details of how to make payment via BACS or Paypal.
Prepayment is required to reserve your preferred appointment times. When booking a block of sessions you will have the option to pay in instalments, details will be given in the invoice.

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